"Happy Apples" Vol. 1

by Sean Monistat

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Sean's debut acoustic horror/folkpunk EP... Dark lyrics and bright 12-string guitars...


released November 18, 2011

Written, Performed, Recorded, and Produced by Sean Monistat.



all rights reserved


Sean Monistat Jersey City, New Jersey

Dark music for bleak people since 2005.

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Track Name: The Touch of Satan
I'm popping pills like tic-tacs, and you're running out of time. Not too much longer, then you'll be mine. You'll find me underneath a rock, or maybe not at all. Your blood flows red like leaves in the fall.
Sit here with me. Look into my eyes. I can fake emotion; I'm so empty inside. My stomach burns, my cock is growing hard... I can't wait to see you buried in my yard.
I'm drinking shots like water, and I think it's almost time. Not too much longer, then you'll be mine. I say "Hi!", give you a hug, then I'm CUTTING OUT YOUR EYES. I dream of bodies covered up in flies.
And you're dying now... somehow you act surprised. You could never see that side I'm forced to hide. And it's clear to me, I only feel alive when I'm hurting you. There's nothing you can do...
When there's just a touch of Satan in your heart.
Track Name: Holes Never Had
Every time I see your face, you know I gotta go home and masturbate. I can't stand the way you smell, and when I touch you, please don't yell. Give me a chance or else I'll have to take one.
Every time I see you laughing, I picture you crying and dying. You make them so happy. I've never been happy, never been with you. Give me a chance or else I'll have to take one.
I've been waiting my whole life, anticipating tonight. The penetration... The blood lubrication.
I'll fuck holes you never had before.
Track Name: Deflated
Soon you'll see we all bleed red, and soon thereafter you'll be dead. Deflated, crumpled, inside out, in the woods behind my house. The birds may sing, the wind may blow, I'll be the only one to know... They'll never find the pieces of you that I didn't eat.
Soon you'll see we all bleed red, that's when I crack your stupid head. Leaking, oozing, inside out, in the woods behind the mall. The girls are in there shopping, boys trying to waste some time. They're safe for now, 'cause I'm out here... Smoking a bowl upon your grave.
Track Name: Our First Day
I had a dream that I killed everyone. We were alone, just us and the dog. We went to bombed out shoppes, and left with our bags full. We didn't have to spend a dime, and everything was ours.
I powered up a rolled coaster, we rode it over and over and over, as the sun set on the human race.
I wish there were no bombs pointed right at our front door; a white picket fence can't combat fission. I wanna destroy the world, leave only you and me. We'll burn it all down. Burn it all down.
Track Name: I Wanna Live
Today the paper said the world is probably going to end. Economy is failing, and right now we need a friend. Consumer confidence is sliding down a slippery slope. And we just numb ourselves with T.V., booze, and dope.
I don't wanna die right now. I'd like to live to see it end, somehow.
I wanna live.
The planes are falling and they're crashing down from the sky. Our buildings are exploding, and we're stupid enough to ask why. World War III is coming, but I'm telling you don't fear. As smoke fills up our bedroom, baby, I'll hold you near.
New York is submerged under hundreds of feet of water. Buildings rise as nests for seagulls; the barnacles are taking it all back.
Track Name: Savor Wholesome Nothingness
So sick of having to explain myself, I think I oughta kill myself. Its like no one talks to me unless they want to see me suffer. So sick of having to pretend I'm sane, and now I've no one else to blame for all these obligations they keep nailing to my skull.
There will come a time when flesh must fail, and spirit opens up her sails. Eternal bliss, compared to this? I'd savor wholesome nothingness. Apart forever, not involved, no one will ever know my flaws. Unattended death with dignity... C'mon, baby, give it to me.
It's getting kind of old just hating myself... I might as well kill somebody else. I might feel that much better once I'm lapping up their blood. I'm too fucked up to get up right now, but once I sober up, I'm a'gonna show 'em how a Universe of Anger can be filtered through one boi.